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Go up and up! The three major links of photovoltaics announced price increases at the same time today

Recently, many distributors have reported to us that the prices of photovoltaic modules, inverters, and brackets have risen to varying degrees, the supply has tightened, and the order cycle has been longer than before.
According to the situation learned by Sobi Photovoltaic Network, silicon materials will continue to be in a tight balance in the second half of this year, especially when the demand in the second half of the year is relatively concentrated, the upstream price reduction lacks motivation.
At the same time, the prices of previously inconspicuous products such as glass, adhesives, and cables have increased. It is foreseeable that in the next 3-4 months, photovoltaic modules will enter a price increase cycle, which will bring certain challenges to downstream power stations.
1. Polysilicon

The price of polysilicon is basically stable this week, and the transaction price of bulk orders has increased by about 1 yuan/kg, which has little impact on the cost of the industrial chain. According to the Silicon Industry Branch, most silicon material companies have basically signed their orders until the end of August or even early September. Most of the new orders signed this week are scattered orders and replenishment orders. In addition, the demand for downstream orders is relatively stable and transmitted to the upstream, which can support the increase in the operating rate of the silicon wafer link, the price has also rebounded, and the demand for silicon materials continues to improve.

It is understood that there are currently 11 domestic polysilicon companies in production, of which two companies in Xinjiang and Xuzhou are under maintenance and are expected to resume normal operations before the end of the month. The Silicon Industry Branch stated that the annual demand for photovoltaic installations is expected to play a regulatory role from the terminal to the sharp increase in the prices of all links in the industry chain. The operating rate may be lowered again, but considering the tight balance between supply and demand of silicon materials, it is expected that the price of silicon materials will fluctuate within a reasonable range, and the room for rising or falling is relatively limited.
Many experts said that as long as polysilicon companies do not stop production due to safety accidents, domestic production + imports in the second half of the year can meet downstream demand. Yin Yeze, deputy editor-in-chief of Sobi Photovoltaic Network, pointed out that it is inevitable that the average price based on weekly statistics will fluctuate. From the overall situation in the second half of the year, the price of polysilicon will not change significantly, and it is difficult to be less than 200,000 yuan/ton.
2. Photovoltaic glass
On August 17, Tangshan Jinxin Solar Glass Co., Ltd. issued a price adjustment notice. Starting from September 1, the original 3.2mm photovoltaic glass sheet will be increased by 4 yuan per square meter, and the 2.0mm photovoltaic glass original sheet will be increased by 3 yuan per square meter.

The price of glass increases by 3-4 yuan/square meter. When converted into components, single glass is equivalent to a cost increase of 0.02 yuan/W, and double glass is equivalent to 0.03 yuan/W. What is the actual increase? Some insiders pointed out that different companies, There are certain differences in the cost of original glass of different sizes, and many factors must be considered in external quotations. The price of photovoltaic glass is not completely consistent with the price of the original. "In the short term, the price of photovoltaic glass may fluctuate, but the long-term supply far exceeds the industry demand, and the price will not be too outrageous."
According to the Soapy Consulting Report, since the end of March this year, the price of photovoltaic glass, which has continued to rise, has fallen sharply, and the transaction price has remained at 22 yuan/square meter (3.2mm) and 18 yuan/square meter (2.0mm) for several weeks. At the same time, as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology cancelled the requirement for the replacement of photovoltaic glass production capacity, the production capacity of photovoltaic glass increased significantly. Yin Yeze said that based on the 50,000 tons of glass production capacity at the end of 2021, it can meet the demand for at least 390GW single-glass modules or 310GW double-glass modules. There is no need to worry about glass supply in the short term.
3. Adhesive
Today, Huitian New Materials issued the "Notice on Price Adjustment of Photovoltaic Adhesive Products", announcing a price increase of more than 10%.

The above notice attributed the price increase to the strong willingness of raw material manufacturers to increase prices, and the price of organic silicon rose sharply, and continued to be high and sideways, with no trend of decline. According to the information introduced by the secretary of Huitian New Materials when answering investors’ questions, the company’s photovoltaic glue business has grown rapidly. The photovoltaic industry application products account for the largest proportion of operating income, and its market share has reached 40%. It is currently in line with the photovoltaic industry’s main production Manufacturers realize cooperation and further deepen.
Sobi believes that the production cost of photovoltaic modules will rise in the future, but considering that adhesives account for a limited proportion of the cost of photovoltaic modules, it is recommended that photovoltaic practitioners pay more attention to price changes in the silicon material, silicon wafer, and battery industry chain.

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