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Sunshine New Energy: From kindergarten to university, photovoltaic school has started!

On September 1, the first day of school, schools across the country ushered in the fall season. Many "photovoltaic schools" developed and constructed by Sunshine New Energy across the country also ushered in the first lesson.

From kindergarten to elementary school, from middle school to university...Sunshine New Energy has built a large number of photovoltaic power generation green campuses across the country. By popularizing the innovative technology and professional knowledge of photovoltaic power generation, it will truly let clean energy enter the campus and make photovoltaic schools truly famous Return.

At the opening ceremony, accompanied by the majestic national anthem, the five-star red flag rose slowly... The 44-kilowatt "Photovoltaic Kindergarten" in Yanghua Village, Cao County, Shandong Province opened. Next to the playground stands a series of teaching buildings. Rows of blue photovoltaic panels on the top of the teaching building are bathed in sunlight and continuously output green electricity. Photovoltaic power plants can not only create tens of thousands of yuan in electricity bills for schools every year, but more importantly, they have realized the practice of green environmental protection and popularized photovoltaic power generation "start from the baby."

Running wantonly on the playground, studying hard in the classroom... In the hinterland of Dabie Mountain, Anhui, the children of Jinzhai Huashi Town Central School ushered in the school season. In recent years, thanks to the 10-kilowatt photovoltaic power station donated by Sunshine here, the hardware and software facilities of this mountainous elementary school have been greatly improved.
Since 2017, Sunshine has successively donated a number of public welfare projects such as charity photovoltaic power stations and libraries on elementary school campuses across the country to create electricity bills through photovoltaic power generation, improve school teaching conditions, subsidize poor students, reward outstanding teachers, and enrich the campus environment Educational practice materials, enlighten young people's clean energy awareness and environmental protection concepts, and at the same time popularize the knowledge of photovoltaic power generation, cultivate more new forces dedicated to environmental protection and energy saving for the society.
Zhejiang Jinyun is the area where Sunshine New Energy has launched the "county-wide advancement" of photovoltaics in the country earlier. Nowadays, Jinyun not only has beautiful and picturesque natural scenery, but also has "photovoltaic landscape" all over the county, including many "photovoltaic schools". Sunshine New Energy has invested in the construction of the three junior and senior high schools of Huchuan Middle School, Newly Built Middle School, and Hubin Middle School, with a total of 900 kilowatts. A neat campus and clean electricity complement each other, and these photovoltaic middle schools have become a model representative of the "green campus" that the locals talk about.

Sunshine New Energy's "Photovoltaic Campus" has also achieved remarkable results in the field of higher education. Sunshine New Energy Anhui Jianzhu University Urban Construction School Power Station Project, Anhui University Science and Technology Building Photovoltaic Power Station Project, State Grid Henan Electric Power College Photovoltaic Power Station Project and other college photovoltaic power station projects have become typical representatives of photovoltaic campuses in the country.
Among them, the power station project of the School of Urban Construction of Anhui Jianzhu University covers a total of 16 buildings, including dormitories, laboratory buildings, libraries, and teaching buildings, with a total installed capacity of 1234.2 kilowatts. The school also established a photovoltaic power station design teaching base on this basis. Provide live cases for teaching.
Each "photovoltaic campus" is a vivid new energy science education model. As a pioneer of new energy full life cycle solutions, Sungrow New Energy’s photovoltaic power stations cover different education stages such as kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools, and universities. In the future, Sungrow New Energy will continue to cultivate clean energy, and apply new energy technology innovations and market applications. Deeply integrate with the education industry, create more high-efficiency, high-integration, and friendly power stations, and promote more "photovoltaic campuses" to take root and bear fruit throughout the country.

News source: Soby Photovoltaic Network

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